Met here for a family gathering. The food was good and it's buffet style so there was a large selection to appeal to most anyone's taste. We chose a slow period of the day and had an entire area to ourselves for the gathering. It was an overall good experience.

Efurd W.


Food was delicious, fresh, and plenty to eat for a buffet. Worth the price! Friendly waitresses, waiters, and cooks.

Mark C.


Food is always good and tastes clean. Has a great variety of foods to appeal to varied palate preferences. I go couple times a month and it’s always fresh and delicious. My favorites are pepper chicken, baked salmon, crab rangoon, wantons, sushi, and lo mien. Other entrées are good too and the variety keeps it from being boring. My #1 place to eat out.

Constance D.

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Ming Moon
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